Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

Dr. O.P. Gupta


We are dedicated to providing quality patient care with a special human touch, We are driven by the Ideology of “Health For All”. Not only is this the effort of our hospital, it is also the felt emotion by each member of the Hospital family. Small wonder our doctors are committed to beyond the call of duty. Our medical support team is pro-active and caring, and even our administrative team is tuned to the needs of patient comfort such that the safety of precious life is protected, no matter what it takes.
At Mayom Hospital, we measure progress by the extent to which we restore the hope of a healthy tomorrow. For us to do well, we know, we must help the world do well. Diagnosis to Comprehensive treatment,simple procedures to complex surgeries, international expertise and world-class infrastructure…; all these and more have made us the one-stop healthcare destination today for people across the Country”