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The Department of Psychiatry provides comprehensive clinical services for a wide array of conditions. Patients seen in our department are those who suffer from a broad range of psychiatric and psychological problems.

The missions to which we dedicate ourselves are to provide excellent clinical care, explore the new horizons concerning the causes of psychiatric illness and emerging treatment, provide community outreach and teach the physicians of the future.

We offer the full spectrum of care including intensive inpatient, and outpatient general and specialty services.

General Psychiatry & Addictions – we treat psychosis, major depression bipolar disorder and other specific mood and anxiety disorders, marital conflicts and adjustment disorders. We also treat alcoholism and drug addiction.

Neuropsychiatry – We treat mood and anxiety disorders in patients with sleep disorders, acquired brain injury.

Geriatric Psychiatry – We treat mood, anxiety, and memory disorders that occur later in life.

Women’s Mental Health – We treat mood and anxiety disorders in women with an eye to their special needs.

Children & Adolescents – We focus on child and adolescent emotional and behavioural problems, academic decline, parental conflict etc.

Medical & Surgical Psychiatry – A hospital -based program that treats mood and anxiety disorders in patients recovering from other physical illnesses such as hypertension, stroke, kidney or liver disease.

Psychosocial Oncology & Palliative Care – We treat mood and anxiety disorders in patients being treated for or recovering from cancer. This treatment extends to family members and other caregivers.


  1. History Taking and Interview
  2. Behavioural Observation & Assessment
  3. Psychological Assessment
  4. Psycho-Diagnostic Evaluation
  1. IQ & Educational Assessment
  2. Personality Assessment
  3. Neuro-Psychological Assessment
  4. Behaviour analysis


  1. Medical Intervention
  2. ECT (Electro convulsive therapy)
  3. Psychological Intervention

    1. -Supportive psychotherapy
    2. -Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    3. -Marital Therapy
    4. -Family Therapy
    5. -Behaviour Therapy
    6. -Behaviour Modification