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The ENT & Head Neck Surgery department caters the entire spectrum of ENT Problems and is backed by eminent Best ent specialist in gurgaon. It has six operation theatres including one Emergency OT along with trained staff for the modular operation theatres with state-of-the-art OT, laminar airflow for air-conditioning with HEPA filters, imported dual dome LED OT lights, low flow anesthesia machines with built-in ventilators, and multi-parameter modular monitors. It has the state of art surgical instruments and anesthetic equipment to ensure patient safety.

The care of the patient is enhanced by a very active Infection Control Committee which aims to bring down the infection rate in elective surgery to almost zero level. Imported disinfectants and special Microfogger machines are used to ensure a sterile environment. CSSD has Hi-Pressure Steam sterilizers ensure absolute sterility with dryers and special ETO Sterilisers.

A well-equipped and well-staffed 6 Beded Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) is attached to the operating theatres. All seriously ill patients and post-operative cases of major surgeries are taken care of in the surgical ICU.

The ENT department is supported by Best ent doctor in gurgaon specialist for Audiology and Speech Services with facilities of Pure Tone Audiometry, Impedance, BERA, ASSR, OAE, HEARING Aid Trial and fitting services.


Neurological Services:

  1. Management of headaches and dementia
  2. Management of Neuromuscular disorders
  3. Management of Infections eg. Meningitis
  4. Stroke Management and rehabilitation
  5. Management of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Movement disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and sleep disorders

Brain Surgical Services:

  1. Microsurgery for brain tumors
  2. Endoscopic Brain surgery for Pituitary Tumours, CSF Rhinorrhea, CSF Otorrhea
  3. Trauma surgery like Craniotomy , Burrhole
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