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Mayom Hospital provided comprehensive Laparoscopic Surgery In Gurgaon. Surgery service including Emergencies and has experienced Best Laparoscopic Surgeon In Gurgaon. Facilities for handling all kinds of industrial and accidental trauma, burns, and other surgical emergencies are available.

The hospital is well-equipped and well-staffed, 6 Beded Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) including one dedicated Emergency OT is available along with trained team for The Modular operation theatres. The operating theatres are state-of-the-art and each OT has laminar airflow for air-conditioning with HEPA filters, imported dual dome LED OT lights, low flow anesthesia machines with built-in ventilators, multi-parameter modular monitors, surgical instruments and anesthetic equipment to ensure patient safety.

The care of the infection in patient is enhanced by a very active Infection Control Committee which aims to bring down the infection rate. To ensure a sterile environment, imported disinfectants and special Microfogger machines are used. At Mayom Hospital, CSSD has Hi-Pressure Steam sterilizers with strong energy dryers and special ETO Sterilisers for ensuring complete sterility. All critically ill patients and post-operative cases of major surgeries are taken care of in the surgical ICU.

Services and Treatments Offered
  1. Blunt and Penetrating Abdominal Trauma.
  2. Surgical emergencies like Ruptured Appendix, intestinal obstruction, peptic ulcer and intestinal bleeding.
  3. Cholecystectomy for Gall Bladder Stone.
  4. Hernia – Abdominal / Inguinal.
  5. Ischaemia & Gangrene Of Limbs.
  6. GI Surgery For Pancreas, Liver & Spleen Surgery.
  7. Thyroid Surgery.
  8. Exploratory Laparotomy.
  9. Appendicectomy.
  10. Stapler Haemorhoidectomy For Piles.
  11. Abdominal Cancer.
  12. Laproscopy.
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