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Know More About Your Nose


Our nose is quite a remarkable body part.  We sniff from it, breathe from it, sneeze from it and leak from it. It is the part of the respiratory system that inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. In all of the five senses, only our nose is connected to our brain.  The nose also contributes to other important functions, such as hearing and tasting. Let’s know more about Nose:

  1. The mucus or balgham formed inside the nose, which we consider as the wastage of the body, is very beneficial for the body. It protects the lungs. It heats the air going inside the lungs according to body temperature. Along with this, water also gets in the air coming inside so that the lungs do not dry up.
  2. Mucus comes out of the human nose and sinuses. This mucus contains white blood cells and enzymes that help fight infection. Every day about 1 liter of mucus is produced in the body and this mucus becomes more when there is some kind of infection.
  3. Humans understand smell with the help of a special type of cell called the olfactory nerve cell. It is in the amount of about 12 million in a normal human being. These keep on decreasing with age.
  4. Olfactory nerve cells have a direct connection with the brain. That is why when we smell a thing once, that smell remains in our mind and whenever we smell it again, we remember that smell and its related things.
  5. Any object that does not smell, or the thing which the nose cannot smell, is dangerous for the body. For example, the natural gas that is used in homes does not have any smell of its own but is mixed with Ethyl mercaptan. Apart from this, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are also dangerous and do not have any smell.
  6. Like a fingerprint, the smell print is also different. No two people can smell the same thing / every person has a blind spot in the nose, from which he smells that thing.
  7. Women's sense of smell becomes more active during pregnancy because at this time their nose becomes hypersensitive. And a strange feeling starts developing after tasting food. And they smell strange even from their food.
  8. Anosmia is a disease in which the ability to smell is lost.
  • Dyosmia is a disease in which things do not smell as much as they have.
  • Hypersomnia is a disease in which a person has more sense of smell than normal.
  1. We get the taste of the food through our noses as well as our tongues. The taste of something is 80% based on its smell. So when our nose is blocked by the flu, the taste of our tongue also goes away.
  2. You will be surprised to hear that the human nose can smell at least fifty thousand types of smell.

We hope this information about the nose will amaze you. Any medical condition regarding your Nose should not be overlooked. Visit your nearest ENT Hospital or Mayom Hospital in Gurgaon for any kind of medical assistance.

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