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The Department of Internal Medicine at Mayom Hospital provides comprehensive evaluation and analysis of medical problems. Staffed by team of very well qualified and dedicated clinicians, the department serves as the first step in evaluation and management of disease in a patient. It also forms a very strong base for this multispecialty hospital providing assistance to various other specialties in patients with multiple associated complicating medical problems for patients of all ages including geriatrics. The department’s focus is to provide the highest level of care for people with both acute and chronic illnesses.

With 24 x 7 backup of support services like Ultra Modern Laboratory, TMT, ECHO, Doppler, 4D Ultrasound, Digital XRay, PFT and Portable Xray services the department provides advanced medical services.

Various types of Preventive Health Packages (hyperlink) tailored for all age groups are available with expert Physician counseling for all patient undergoing these Health Checks.

The department provides 24x 7 Emergency Services with Critical Care 10 Beded MICU back up equipped with Imported Multipara monitors and Ventilators.The ICU is managed by Physicians and Intensivists helped by trained male and female nurses.

  1. High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  2. Cardiac ailments (Rheumatic Heart disease, Heart failure, CHF, Myocarditis)
  3. Asthma and Respiratory diseases (Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, Pleural Effusion, Cough, Allergies)
  4. Liver and Gastrointestinal problems (Gastric Ulcer, Hepatitis, Diarrhea, Irritative Bowel Syndrome- IBS )
  5. Diabetes, Thyroid and other metabolic problems.
  6. Kidney Disorders (Renal Failure, Diabetic Nephropathy)
  7. Immunization facilities and all aspects of preventive medicine
  8. Hematological disorders, Poisoning and Infectious diseases including AIDS & HIV
Best Hospital in Gurgaon Haryana

Best Hospital in Gurgaon Haryana

Best Hospital in Gurgaon Haryana