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The main focus of the department is to provide high quality service and improve continuously and innovate Clinical Microbiology services. Totally pro-active department that traces all positive reports back to the bedside by sharing the findings with the treating unit for better understanding and actionable results. This also helps limit any possibility of nosocomial infections as well. Over the last decade, this department has attained important milestones. Our department has balanced matrix of well experienced and young team of consultants.

Pneumonia Sepsis Multi organ failure Emphysema Pleural Effusion Stroke GI Bleeding Febrile emergencies Bronchoscopy Pulmonary function test Incubator Ventillator NIPPV Invasive monitoring ICD insertion.


Molecular Testing

Transplant Associated Infections:
  1. CMV QuantitativeReal time PCR
  2. EBV Quantitative Real Time PCR
  3. BK and JCQualitative Real time PCR


  1. HCV QuantitativeReal time PCR: Roche Cobas Taqman
  2. HBV Quantitative Real Time PCR: Roche Cobas Taqman
  3. HBV and HCV qualitative TMA : Chiron
  4. HEV Quantitative Real time PCR

Viruses causing Encephalitis/ Aseptic meningitis / vesicular lesions/ infections in immunocompromised

  1. Herpes virusQualitative Real time NASBA – Easy Q Platform
  2. Enterovirus qualitative Real Time NASBA – Easy Q platform
  3. HIVRNA count- Real time quantitative NASBA-Easy Q platform
  4. HIV qualitative molecular test- TMA – Chiron

Respiratory infections

  1. Adenovirus Real time qualitative Real time PCR
  2. Influenza A & B- Real time PCR
  4. H1N1 Real time PCR

Blood bank Individual Donor Screening with nucleic acid amplification


Mycobacterial infections

  1. HAIN’s GenoType MTBDRplus assay: This assay permits the molecular genetic identification ofMycobacterium tuberculosis complex and its resistance to rifampicin and/or INH from culture isolates pulmonary clinical specimens directly. The reports can be made available within one day for rapid and accurate management of tuberculosis.
  2. GenProbe for molecular diagnosis of TB (transcription mediated RNA amplification assay) for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from pulmonary and extra pulmonary samples.
  3. Accuprobe assay and Genotype Mycobacteria CM assay for rapid species identification of 16 common mycobacteria spp. from culture.
  4. Automated rapid culture and 1st and 2nd line (10 drugs) antibiotic sensitivity tests for Mycobacteria performed by Bact/Alert-3D method.

Culture and susceptibility testing

  1. Automation in blood culture (BacT/Alert-3D), the first in north India.
  2. VITEK-2 Excel has been acquired by upgrading Vitek-1, for automation in bacterial identification and antimicrobial sensitivity (with MIC values).
  3. Recently acquired CO2 Incubator for growth of fastidious organisms.
  4. Assay for minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) using the E-test, to obtain accurate knowledge of antibiotic sensitivity complementary to Vitek-2.
  5. Automated ID and MIC susceptibility testing for yeast fungi.
  6. Anaerobic automated system: Anaxomat.