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The department of Neurosciences at Mayom Hospital offers comprehensive services in all aspects of diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation of patients with neurological, neurosurgical, and spine disorders.

The state-of-the-art modular Operating Theatre dedicated to Neurosurgery is equipped with 100% Fresh Air, Laminar flow Imported OT Tables, LED Lights, Microscopes. Diagnostic support for CT scan & MRI scan, EEG, NCV, EMG (outsourced) is available for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Emergency cases like Head injury, Stroke, and Postoperative cases are managed in 16 Beded ICUs with imported Multipara monitors, Ventilators, CPAP, BIPAP. Best Neurologist In Gurgaon, Intensivists and Anesthetists are available round the clock to take care of patients and facilities for Percutaneous Tracheostomy are available for patients needing long-term ventilation.


Neurological Services:

  1. Management of headaches and dementia
  2. Management of Neuromuscular disorders
  3. Management of Infections eg. Meningitis
  4. Stroke Management and rehabilitation
  5. Management of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Movement disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and sleep disorders

Brain Surgical Services:

  1. Microsurgery for brain tumors
  2. Endoscopic Brain surgery for Pituitary Tumours, CSF Rhinorrhea, CSF Otorrhea
  3. Trauma surgery like Craniotomy , Burrhole

We also offer a structured rehabilitation program with trained Physiotherapists working on patients in the postoperative ICU and ward and after discharge on outpatient basis. Home visit facility for Physiotherapy is also available on request.