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Some Amazing Facts of Ears

Kuch Suna Tumne! YES, we are talking about EARS. Our ear is an important organ of our body.  This is the one in all 5 sensory organs. The ear is made up of three main parts: an outer ear, a middle ear, and an inner ear.

Know More About Your Nose


Our nose is quite a remarkable body part.  We sniff from it, breathe from it, sneeze from it and leak from it. It is the part of the respiratory system that inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. In all of the five senses, only our nose is con

Omicron: Indication of Third Wave


Pain Management with Physiotherapy

Most of us deal with pain in our daily life due to poor posture of sitting, standing, or walking, or due to muscle strain or due to arthritis. Patients prefer medicines to get relief. Sometimes this medication goes for a long time. Patients go to a physio

Keep Your Kidney Healthy

Kidney diseases are silent killers. They can affect your quality of life. There are several ways to rescue the risk of kidney disease. Let us withhold everything that hampers the wellbeing of our kidneys.

Earwax Blockage


Earwax is very sticky, so it tends to collect microscopic waste that goes inside the ear. Without this protective barrier, your ear increases a variety of risks.

Allergies in Children


The problem of allergy in children is quite common and one of the major reasons is the weakness of immunity. Sometimes this allergy can be fatal and sometimes normal. Some allergies progress over time and can become a problem.

Cord Blood Banking


The blood stored in the umbilical cord connecting the mother to the baby is called cord blood. It is just like normal blood, but the only difference is that it contains a lot of stem cells.

Normal Delivery and Preparation Tips

In a normal delivery, after 9 months due to labor pain, the baby comes out of the mother's uterus through the pelvis and the vagina. There is no surgery in normal delivery except a small incision (cut) is made in the vagina so that the baby can come out e