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Meniere’s Disease

To understand it in simple language, Meniere's disease arises due to excessive pressure in the affected ear, which causes symptoms like dizziness, difficulty in hearing, whistling, or noise-like sounds in the ears. A problem with the fluid inside your ear

Ear Infection and Treatment

Bacterial infection can occur due to several reasons. The use of earbuds made of infected cotton may also be one of the reasons. Any bacterial infection in the throat or nose can also cause infection to spread in your ear. Bacterial infection can also occ

Covid-19 Plasma Therapy

First, we should know about plasma. In our blood red blood cells, white blood cells, and yellow liquid parts are present. The yellow liquid part of the blood is called plasma which is 92% water. Apart from water, plasma contains proteins, glucose, mineral

Protect yourself from Skin Cancer

Skin cancer engulfs a large number of people every year. Skin cancer occurs when there is the uncontrolled growth of unnatural skin cells or tissues. This causes genetic factors ranging from exposure to ultraviolet radiation Melanoma is one of the deadlie

How Do ENTs Treat Sleep Apnea?


This sleep apnea is caused by a patient's airway obstruction. This symptom occurs when the soft tissue collapses on the back of the patient's throat during sleep.

Covid 19: Re-attack


The virus is now attacking in a new way. This is the reason that new symptoms are showing in infected people. Till now, symptoms like cough, cold, fever, shortness of breath were considered to be important among the symptoms of the corona. But now doct

How to boost your metabolism?

The metabolic rate of each person is different, so the calorie requirement in a person's body is also slightly different. Many people have a very good metabolism. Men have a higher metabolic rate than women. The metabolic rate declines after the age of 40

Functions of Your Spine

The spinal cord is a stake of nerves that connects your brain with the rest of your body; the spinal cord controls various parts of the body and plays an important role i.e. bladder control. The spinal cord is part of the central nervous system.

Effect of Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency is also called hypocalcemia. To avoid the difficult problems caused by calcium deficiency, every person should know about it from time to time. Let’s know what symptoms appear when the calcium level in the body is low.