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Alcoholic Liver Disease


In the human body, the liver is one of the most complex organs, with over 500 functions. It works as filtering out blood toxins, storing energy, making hormones and proteins, and regulating cholesterol and blood sugar. Consuming over the limit of alcohol can be dangerous for your liver. Alcoholic liver disease is an outcome of over consuming alcohol. It damages the liver, leading to a buildup of fats, inflammation, and scarring. It can be fatal.

The Doctor in Best hospital in Gurgaon Haryana at Mayom Hospital said that people can understand their risk of alcoholic liver disease if they know how much alcohol they are drinking.

As alcoholic liver disease progresses to alcoholic hepatitis, symptoms at first to fever, jaundice, fatigue, and a tender, painful, and enlarged liver, then to more serious problems such as bleeding in the digestive tract and deterioration of brain function. You may feel tired. As the disease grows, more of your healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue; your liver will stop functioning properly.Alcohol decreases the appetite because of drinking too much alcohol decreases the hunger and people become undernourished, which has calories but little nutritional value. It can interfere with the absorption and processing of nutrients. It creates the deficiencies of folate, thiamin, other vitamins, or minerals. It causes weakness, shaking and the worst is peripheral nerve damage. Doctors suggested that the best treatment is to stop drinking alcohol, but for alcoholic people doing so is very difficult and requires help.

To know the real condition of liver doctors asks for liver biopsy at Mayom hospital, Gurgaon. They ask for a Liver biopsy when the diagnosis is uncertain or when liver disease appears to have more than one cause. The ultrasound elastography may be done to determine how stiff the liver is. Stiffness indicates fibrosis. According to the condition of the liver, doctors start medication and treatment sometimes surgery would be an option.

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