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Child Allergies - What Can A Pediatric ENT Do For Them?


A pediatric ENT doctor is responsible for treating a wide variety of conditions related to ears, noses, and throats in children. Moreover, they provide treatment of a wide range of issues in the face and head area as a whole. Childhood infections, colds, and other upper respiratory tract problems are the most common among children. 

There are several reasons to consult an ENT professional during multiple conditions, according to an ENT Specialist in Gurugram, if your child suffers from allergies, like exhibit an array of ear, nose, and throat symptoms in children. When nasal allergies affect your child, you need to visit a Pediatric ENT in Gurugram or your nearest location since they can escalate to other respiratory complications such as asthma. Some common symptoms finding by doctors.

Sleep Allergy in Children
Children suffer from sleep disorders including restlessness, snoring, waking at night, and obstructive events (apnea). Sleep allergies are diagnosed as tonsillitis or adenoids that are inflamed. 

When the swelling is bacterial, your doctor will recommend an antibiotic to treat it or suggest a nasal spray to relieve the inflammation. Another scenario in which the doctor might recommend removal of the tonsils involves a child:

  • A frequent sufferer of adenoid infections and middle ear infections
  • Takes antibiotics but does not show any improvement
  • Is chronically obstructed in the airways

The Middle Ear Allergic
A middle ear infection is one of the most common medical problems among children. In the respiratory tract, the Eustachian tube connects the middle ear. As a result, germs from the nasal cavity and sinus cavity can enter the middle ear through this tube.

All the ENT Specialists in Gurugram use an Otoscopy to diagnose whether the middle ear has any deposits that are a potential breeding ground for bacteria. A course of antibiotics will be prescribed after observation. Since the problem will likely recur, follow-up observations are essential even after treatment.

A Sore Throat
An exposed throat to cold breezes can cause a sore throat, especially at night. The nasal passages will most likely produce mucus due to such allergies. It is possible to develop a blockage in the back of the throat, cough, and sneeze when mucus accumulates at the back of the throat.

The cause of sore throats is bacterial, so antibiotics can treat the condition. Lozenges will be prescribed to treat viral infections, however. It may take about 7 days for the infection to fully heal since the virus must run its course.

Discussing the symptoms with an ENT Specialist in Gurugram & nearby your location and how severe they are is the best way to determine the allergies that make your child sick. The first step is to seek treatment as the allergies can develop into other complications such as asthma and pneumonia. When you have a clear understanding of the triggers that affect your child's allergies, you can avoid them when possible.

If your child suffers from allergies and complications, please contact us to provide the best treatment.


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