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Earwax good for the ears?

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Ear wax is a normal process. Just as our body produces sweat, Earwax is produced by glands in the ear canal. The ear gets lubrication by the ear wax and let not enter any kind of dust, or particles in the eardrum, and the dust gets stuck on the earwax.

Different people produce different earwax. Some people have more or less ear wax in their ears. The consistency of ear wax will vary depending on age, environment, and even diet. If you work in a dirty environment, the ear wax will be darker in color. Even the ear wax that stays in the ear for a long time will be dark in color.


Benefits of Ear Wax

This is not a reflection of problems, rather it is a sign of normal healthy ears. That is, if there is wax in your ear, then it means that your ears are completely healthy. It is beneficial for your ears in such ways

  1. The ear wax acts as a shield between the outside world and the ear drum.
  2. Earwax prevents itching in the ear.
  3. Ear wax absorbs dead skin cells and dust.
  4. Prevents bacteria and other infectious organisms from reaching the inner ear.
  5. It traps dust and dirt before it reaches the depths of the ears.
  6. Special chemicals present in ear wax fight infections that damage the inner skin of the ear canal.
  7. Ear wax is a moisturizer to prevent the skin inside the ear from becoming too dry.


Problem with earwax

Earwax blockages often happen when people try to get earwax out on their own by using cotton swabs or other items in their ears. If it is not cleaned, then it gets hard in the ear and causes, pain, blockage, and swelling.

Stuck earwax can lead to ear infections and permanent hearing loss can also occur. Very rarely, the infection may spread to the base of the skull and cause meningitis or cranial paralysis.

Vertigo is also possible if the earwax pushes against the eardrum or tympanic membrane. This symptom can cause nausea and dizziness.

According to ENT specialist in gurugram, Dr. Manish Prakash, the formation of wax is very important for lubrication to protect the ear from moisture and dirt. Normally, the wax dries up and falls out of the ear. Wax removal is most safely done by a health care provider. A doctor can diagnose earwax blockage (or eardrum perforation) by listening to your symptoms and then looking into your ear.

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