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How to avoid the onset of infection after Knee Replacement?


Knee Replacement surgery has relieved the pain of many patients. It is a boon for them as they were unable to move and complete their daily routine easily. Yet the possibility of infection is less but if the patient is not careful, the chances may increase. Infection can be very serious complication after knee replacement surgery. For the treatment of an infection, multiple surgeries can take place and that can keep you out of action for a while. Mostly infections take place in the first two years after surgery. Sometimes you’re at risk for an infection as long as you have the joint.

Most of the time, the implant itself have a risk for infection because bacteria can attach to it. The original knee is directly attached to your immune system and responds for the infections but an artificial knee doesn’t respond to your immune system. So if the infection gets around your artificial knee, it may increase rapidly. 

Symptoms of an infected joint replacement include: 

1.     Increased pain or stiffness in a previously well-functioning joint. 

2.     Swelling. 

3.     Warmth and redness around the wound. 

4.     Fevers higher than 100?F (37.8?C), chills and night sweats.

5.     Fatigue.

6.     Drainage from the incision after the first few days, which may be greyish and have a bad smell.

7.     A repetition of pain after your pain had stopped 

8.     Pain that gets worse over a month

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