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How to keep yourself comfortable in monsoon?

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Monsoon, the lovely and pleasurable weather, rain droplets of water, and the sweet smell of soil, fresh breeze, and small splash of water around us this season excite everyone. But on the other way, the rainy season begins with diseases. Temperature is very much favorable for bacteria and germs to grow. Bacteria & Germs easily develop and spread very fast during the rainy season. This time you need to care for yourself and your little one.

Here the specialist from the Best Hospital in Gurgaon is sharing some useful tips to keep yourself comfortable in the monsoon.


We should take proper nutritious food which helps to boost their immunity and helps them to fight against infections. Consume freshly-cooked, light meals. Avoid raw vegetables, especially the leafy ones, and thoroughly wash all vegetables and fruit for mud, larvae, rot, etc., before consuming. It is good to consume Vitamin C fruits like oranges and lemons, fresh green veggies, sprouts, and other foods that are rich in Vitamin C. Water-related illnesses are more common during the rains. It would be better if you boil the water.  Take plenty of water from time to time.

Comfortable clothing

 Dress in light cotton cloth so that it’s easy for them to keep adjusting to the changing weather. Make sure that clothes are always completely dry. Damp clothes are an invitation to skin problems and body aches and flu.

Save yourself from mosquitoes

It is very important to prevent mosquitos during the monsoon. The mosquitos can spread dengue, malaria, chikengunia, etc. It is advisable when you go out, such as applying mosquito repellents like odomos cream. Even when you are home, use a mosquito coil, spray, or repellent oil. Do not let the water stored in your house in any old drum, cooler or

Personal Hygiene

It is extremely important to take care of your hygiene as the season changes. Even it is important to follow a personal care regime during monsoons.  Wash your hands at regular intervals to keep them dry. Bathe every day. Use a mild antiseptic soap or liquid so that the germs don’t cause infection.

Get Enough Sleep

We need 6-7 hours of undisturbed sleep. Good sleep can help to boost your immunity levels and prevent you from getting infected with the common cold and flu. So have proper rest.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps to lose weight and is the best for boosting your immunity level. It also helps to improve blood circulation, balances cholesterol levels, and triggers the production of happiness hormone.

 We hope these tips would be useful for you to keep you healthy and happy during the monsoon.

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