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Omicron: Indication of Third Wave


The world was on the verge of relaxing as the covid vaccination was introduced.  In India, we have completed the vaccination for half of the population approximately. Life was started to become normal.  Suddenly, a new variant of corona “Omicron” arisen with new challenges. Scientists estimated that, in India, the arrival of the third wave will come due to the Omicron variant. According to them, this variant is spreading 7 times faster than Delta (a mutant variant of the corona). The Omicron variant mutates more than the delta and changes its form faster. Due to the ability of more mutation, it attacks our immune system. Worryingly, Omicron is more contagious than all the earlier variants. The effectiveness of vaccination is also less on this variant.

Omicron diagnosis
The demand for the investigation of the highly infectious Omicron variant of Coronavirus is currently the highest in the world. At present, the RT-PCR test is considered the most reliable for identifying covid-19 infection. Apart from this, a rapid antigen test also identifies virus infection.

What are the symptoms?
Preliminary analysis suggests the initial symptoms of the patient may include fever, extreme fatigue, headache, body ache, sore throat, etc. a patient with mild and severe symptoms may require hospitalization. 

How does the immune system work against Omicron?
Our body has many weapons to protect itself. Even though our immune system could not be as effective against delta plus variants, but it is a good thing that our immune system can compete against such variants. If a person comes in contact with this variant, then it is more likely that he will show mild symptoms.

What precautions we should do to avoid Omicron?

First of all, we should strictly follow all the practices and rules related to covid. 

  • We should wear good quality masks and keep in mind that the mouth and nose are completely covered. Since it is an airborne and substance-borne disease, cover your mouth completely whenever you cough outside. 
  • Use government standards for hand sanitizer. 
  • If you have not taken the vaccine yet, then take the vaccine as soon as possible. Vaccines can save lives.
  • Include such things in your diet in which vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C are present in sufficient quantity. Eat food that contains antioxidants. 
  • Avoid crowded places, maintain social distancing.

These things can save your life and can also stop the disease from spreading.

As your health care assistance we would advise you, please do not take any symptoms lightly. If you want any medical assistance the team of Mayom Hospital is here to help you.

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