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Single Palpable Testis in Newborn


After a male baby is born, attending doctor checks for both testis in the scrotal sac. Undescended testis is the most common cause of single palpable testis in the scrotum.

The American Urological Association report that 3–4 percent of full-term male newborns and 21 percent of those born prematurely have an undescended testicle. Usually, only one testicle does not descend. Both are undescended in 10 percent of cases. Completely absent one testis is only seen in only 1% cases.

Normally, the testicles move from the lower belly into the scrotum -- the pouch of skin below the penis -- before birth. But even when they don't, and your baby's born with one or both undescended, they usually drop into place on their own within a few months.

Most of the time, a boy's testicles descend by the time he is 9 months old. Undescended testicles are common in infants who are born prematurely.

If the testicles don't descend by 6 months, it's very unlikely they will without treatment. In this case, a surgical procedure called an orchidopexy will be recommended to reposition one or both testicles. The operation should ideally be carried out before your child's 12 months old.

The ideal age for surgery is between six and 18 months because the longer the testicle is not in the right environment it starts limiting its fertility ability. Fertility issues are minimal if the undescended testicle is repaired before age two.

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