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Sudden Hearing Loss


Have you been having trouble hearing for a few days? Whenever you talk to someone, you do not hear the words of the other person clearly. Do they have to speak loudly in front of you? This is called Sudden loss of hearing which indicates sudden sensorineural hearing loss. The ability to hear through the ear is reduced because of many diseases and it happens gradually. But the sudden loss of hearing indicates Sudden Sensory Neural Hearing Loss disease. This is an emergency situation. It is necessary to take treatment in the early stage or else it can take the form of deafness.

It is more common in the age group of 40-50 years. The cause of the disease is marked in only 15 percent of patients. When there is pressure on the cranial vein due to viral infection, its function is obstructed. Some other problems such as swelling, sudden injury, infection, and waxing in the ear can also cause the sudden reduction of hearing. If the cause of sudden sensorineural hearing loss is not clear, it is called idiopathy.

Symptoms of the sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Some people complain of almost no or less hearing in one ear as they wake up in the morning. Often it goes unnoticed because the other ear is working. Sometimes they feel a heaviness in the ear. If deafness is accompanied by vertigo and whistling sound, it may also be due to labyrinthitis, internal infection, inflammation or tumor, Ménire's disease, or endoplasmic enlargement.


Sometimes the initial symptoms of sudden hearing loss are not immediately caught. In such a situation, people ignore it, the hearing ability gradually decreases over time.

For diagnosis of sudden hearing loss, an Audiometry test is done to know the intensity of hearing in the ear. MRI and CT scans are also preferred for diagnosis.

ENT specialists may prescribe steroids or antiviral medication to reduce the swelling of the vein inside the ear immediately. It is administered in the form of a tablet and injected directly into the ear through a vein or eardrum. They increase air pressure with the help of oxygen therapy.

If you have realized the hearing loss, get help early on and learn more about possible treatments at Mayom Hospital, Gurgaon. Mayom Hospital is a worldwide leader in medical care for everyone who needs healing.

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