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Throat Cancer


The 'cancer' is itself emotive one naturally. This is probably better referred to as head and neck cancer. If you imagine the head and neck to involve two conduits or passages, then you can occur at any point in either of those two conduits. There are other structures in the neck as well - lymph nodes, the thyroid gland, and saliva glands and cancer can occur in any of these parts.

It tends to the more common in men and also tends to occur mainly in those over the age of 65. Unfortunately, over the last few years, the incidence of head and neck cancer has been increasing in a much earlier stage.

The biggest risk factor for head neck cancer by far is smoking tobacco. Alcohol consumption also increases your risk of developing throat cancer. Interestingly, those who smoke and drink develop a multiplier effect and they are at higher risk.

Because the term throat cancer encompasses a number of different diagnoses, there also a number of different symptoms to be aware of. The important is first, a hoarse or husky voice that has persisted for perhaps more than three or four weeks. Second, dysphasia or difficulty in swallowing particularly if this is getting worse over a period of time. Third, an unexplained neck lump. Again, if this has lasted for more than two or three weeks and is not connected to a sore throat, then that is something to be concerned about.

Be aware of the red flag symptoms that can occur in head and neck.
If you worried, seek attention particularly if you are in the high-risk group that means if you are over 40, smoker, and drink. Also, poor nutrition may increase the risk of getting head and neck cancer.

If you are worried insist in seeing a specialist, someone with the expertise, and assess to diagnostic who is able to diagnose the condition promptly. When you see an Ent specialist in Gurgaon, he will take a detailed history encompassing all the relevant risk factors and then perform a thorough examination. During this examination, It's important to examine all the different subsides of the head and neck to ensure that cancer isn't missed in any of these areas.

At Mayom Hospital, Gurugram the doctor uses a flexible nasendoscope, which allows examining the conduits, the gullet, the voice box, and the back of the throat It's a painless procedure done in patients and it's really an excellent tool that gives a really excellent view of all these areas that were very difficult to examine. Once an examination is completed the specialist may then request some scan and perhaps even a biopsy. The disease is completely curable if you haven't late in diagnosis.






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