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The cochlear implant is a procedure to implant a device surgically to provide sound stimulation to someone with hearing loss. The cochlea is the spiral-shaped cavity situated in the inner ear and is the reason why people are able to hear properly.  If it damage by any reason results in hearing loss. Then it is required to get a cochlear implant device. After implantation, the patient is able to hear clearly again.

The implant precedes the typical hearing process and converts it with electronic signals. The auditory nerve gets stimulate and the brain learns to interpret these signals into a form of hearing that can be identified as speech and identifiable sounds.

A cochlear implant inserted by an ENT surgeon into the ear for that you can contact with ENT specialist in Gurgaon. Dr. Manish Prakash checked you thoroughly and then prescribed you the treatments including the cochlear implant. This is done through a small surgery that lasts just over 30 minutes at the best hospital in Gurgaon.

After the implant, it restores the normal functioning of the ear and feels as natural as natural hearing. Ear implants and Endoscopic ear surgery for hearing loss may prove a boon for patients suffering from severe hearing loss.

Advantage of Implants:

  • It brings positive changes in the lives of people with a hearing problem. They can listen properly without lip reading.
  • For adults, it may benefit immediately after the implant.
  • It may transfer more clearly all types of sounds.
  • Many people can make phone calls over the telephone. Children are also get benefited but at a slower pace

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