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Chronic Sinusitis Diagnosis and Treatment


Sinus is also called sinusitis in medical terms. The disease begins like the common cold and then progresses with a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. In this disease, the nasal bone of the patient becomes enlarged. They always feel as they have a cold.

We all know that cold starts getting better on its own in two to four days. A cold that gets better in a week is the common flu, but one that persists for a long time can be sinus. Running nose is beneficial for your health in a way. The cold which does not flow gets accumulated inside and later it can become sinus. Chronic sinus is the type of sinus which causes swelling in the cells around the nostrils and also pain in the nose.

The main cause of this disease is the swelling of the membrane and enlarged nasal bone. This swelling occurs due to the following reasons -

  1. Bacterial infection
  2. Fungal infection
  3. Lump in the bone of the nose


Most people do not consider the allergy as a serious condition. More people become habitual of cold and they don't realize that their immune system plays a key role in maintaining the condition, and these complications can become more serious as they grow older. Because ignoring this disease is not good.

Your ENT can ask for an endoscopy of the patient's nose to look inside and visualize the sinus drain area. A nasal endoscope is a thin, tube-like instrument with a tiny light and attached digital camera, which is passed inside the nasal cavity after application of local anesthesia to patients.

Treatment of sinus

Often people think that the sinus is a noncurable disease but people need to come out of this thinking. Sinus is a disease that can be cured if treated properly.

For the treatment of sinusitis, initially, your doctor may prescribe a decongestant along with rinsing the nose with saltwater. Sometimes to cure nasal infections, doctors prescribe antibiotics to patients. Using a vaporizer can be really helpful at times, as warm and moist air helps if you have chronic sinusitis.

ENT Specialist in Gurugram Dr. Manish Prakash says If sinus treatment is not possible by any other method, then nose surgery or sinus surgery can prove to be beneficial.

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