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Covid-19 Plasma Therapy


The wave of Corona in the country is wreaking havoc on millions of people every day. Following the supply of oxygen, beds, and medicines in hospitals, plasma therapy is now being sought to cure COVID 19, infected patients. Let’s know about plasma therapy.

First, we should know about plasma. In our blood red blood cells, white blood cells, and yellow liquid parts are present. The yellow liquid part of the blood is called plasma which is 92% water. Apart from water, plasma contains proteins, glucose, minerals, hormones, and carbon dioxide. Approx 55 percent of the plasma is present in our blood.

Plasma Therapy

Plasma therapy is also known as Convalescent plasma therapy. In this, plasma is taken from the body of a person who has been cured of corona and is injected into the body of the infected person with the help of an injection. Experts explain that antibodies are formed in the plasma of a person who has been cured of COVID 19, which can also be helpful for other infected persons. On the basis of reports, plasma therapy helps to recover COVID-19 infected person and also reduces the duration of hospitalization of the patient.

Who can donate plasma?

Patients who have become healthy after a COVID 19 infection develop immunity that acts as a shield for the coronavirus. These people can save the lives of infected people. They can donate plasma several times after 14 days of recovery and up to a maximum of 4 months. Diabetic patients who are taking insulin cannot donate plasma. Apart from this, people who already have a chronic disease and pregnant women also cannot donate plasma. There is no weakness after donation. This is advised not to carry any heavy items for the first 3 to 4 hours and to consume the maximum amount of fluids.

A specialist from Best hospital in Gurugram Haryana says Plasma therapy has been shown to be effective in some cases amidst the outbreak of COVID 19, thus it is becoming in demand in hospitals. However, more research shows plasma therapy can actually curb mortality.

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