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Hoarseness: What You Need to Know?


An abnormal change in a person's voice is known as a hoarse voice. Hoarseness means heaviness in voice. This condition is usually accompanied by a dry throat. Our voice box which is called the larynx has a small vocal cord and produces the sound with its vibration. When we speak loudly then these sound cords collide with each other and can swell, and the voice may become hoarse, weak, breathless, or there may be a change in voice quality. Sore throat and cold are the most common causes of hoarseness. However, this problem is not serious.

What are the reasons for Hoarseness?

Hoarseness of voice is called laryngitis in the medical language. Laryngitis is of two types: acute laryngitis and chronic laryngitis. When it is of less than two weeks, it is called acute laryngitis. Acute laryngitis mostly happened due to cold, throat problems, drinking ice water, or shouting aloud. Often we see this problem who vocal abuse, vocal overuse such as singers, teachers, lawyers or businessmen, or those who have to speak continues, shout, or louder voice, they can face this problem.

In chronic laryngitis, the vocal cord bleeds due to colliding, when we speak loudly. If this blood clots, it forms a vocal polyp or vocal module and then the chronic laryngitis phase starts. Our voice can harm permanently, due to hoarseness, or voice roughness. The result is that we cannot speak loudly, shout or even we cannot talk normally.


Hoarseness of voice is a matter of concern for those who are singers or professional speakers because their professional or recreational activity can affect them. Before treatment, the doctor takes a complete history of your voice and general health for diagnosis. The voice box and surrounding tissues are examined using a mirror or laryngoscope (a small, flexible instrument in the back of your throat). Voice quality is assessed by a doctor and may suggest the following tests.

  1. Larynx x-ray
  2. Biopsy
  3. Thyroid function test
  4. Blood tests

The main important treatment for vocal nodule is voice rest, at least 48 hours need to go for complete voice rest, and next two-week use voice minimally. Along with this, we suggest that do not cough rigorously and speak in a normal voice, and do not mumming, and shout. Along with this, drinking hot water, taking steam, take anti-allergic medicines for cough and cold can make this condition better. Drinking plenty of hydrating fluids can help moisten the throat and relieve the symptoms of hoarseness.

Along with the treatment, doctors suggest speech therapy and exercises to relax the vocal cord. They can suggest some breathing exercises to rest the voice and manage to breathe when patients are talking.

If you are suffering from sore throat and hoarseness (hoarse voice), contact an ENT or book an appointment with Best ENT Doctor in Gurgaon because only a qualified doctor can give you the best advice and the right treatment plan.

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