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Keep Your Kidney Healthy


Kidneys are an essential part of our body; they help to get rid of excess water and toxins, regulate blood pressure, make red blood cells and keep our bones strong.

As you age, your kidneys also age and they demand more attention and care. If you keep your kidneys in good condition and you will have nothing to worry about. Healthy kidneys are a signal that everything is good inside your body.

Being your healthcare assistants we’d like to help raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to protect against kidney disease.

What can you do for your kidneys?

Kidney diseases are silent killers. They can affect your quality of life. There are several ways to rescue the risk of kidney disease. Let us withhold everything that hampers the wellbeing of our kidneys.

Keep active yourself

This can help to maintain ideal body weight, reduce your blood pressure and the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease. Do walking, running, and cycling anything will help you to stress out from kidney disease.

Take a healthy diet

Healthy diet help to maintain an ideal body weight, reduce your salt intake, try and limit the amount of processed and restaurant food and do not add salt to food. This will help you from the conditions associated with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Control your diabetes

Many people who have diabetes do not know it can make their kidney condition chronic. Make your blood sugar level check as part of your general body checkup. This is especially important for middle age or older.

Monitor your blood pressure

High blood pressure can damage your kidneys. Therefore, you need to check your blood pressure as part of your routine checkup.

Take the appropriate fluid intake

The right level of fluid intake for every individual is required. Normally this means 8 cups, approximately 2 liters per day for a healthy kidney condition is essential.

Stop smoke

Smoking decreases their ability to function normally. Smoking increases the risk of kidney cancer by about 50 percent. It slows the flow of blood to the kidneys and affects its functions. Smoking may increase the risk of kidney disease in people with diabetes.

Don’t take anti-inflammatory/pain-killer pills regularly

It's a well-known truth that Common drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS)/ pain-killer can harm the kidneys if taken regularly. Avoid them and take only prescribed medicines.

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