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Meniere’s Disease


This is a problem that affects the inner ear. It can cause Tinnitus, Deafness, etc. let know here what are its causes, its symptoms, and treatment.


To understand it in simple language, Meniere's disease arises due to excessive pressure in the affected ear, which causes symptoms like dizziness, difficulty in hearing, whistling, or noise-like sounds in the ears. A problem with the fluid inside your ear is thought to cause Meniere's disease. Meniere can occur at any age, but it is more likely to develop in people aged 30-60.


  1. The person suffering from this feels like a rapid rotation of the head or dizziness. This sensation starts suddenly and can last from 20 minutes to several hours. Symptoms such as vomiting and nervousness arise.
  2. In the early stage of Meniere's hearing loss is temporary but if it is not treated, it can change into a permanent form.
  3. In Meniere's ear, there is a feeling of humming, rumble, whistling. It becomes permanent as the disease progresses.
  4. Feeling of heaviness in the ear. A person suffering from dementia may feel pressure on one side of the head before the onset of dizziness, which disappears completely when the symptoms improve. Vertigo episodes can often appear between days, weeks, or years apart.

Diagnosis of Meniere's disease

To diagnose Meniere's disease, ENT Specialist recommends certain physical tests along with medical history. Based on which they start treatment. There is also a need for a hearing test to determine the ability to hear.

ENT Specialist in Gurugram says it gets worse with time. It gradually starts harming your hearing process which is capable of causing special problems for you after some time. Dizziness and permanent hearing loss may be the most severe complications of Meniere's disease. Illness can disrupt your life unexpectedly, causing fatigue and stress. Vertigo can cause you to lose balance and increase the risk of falls and accidents.

If you see the above-mentioned symptoms inside you, then you can consult with specialist Dr. Manish Prakash at Best ENT Hospital in Gurugram without delay. Because these problems can be caused by other diseases, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible.

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