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The health of the bones is affected by today’s lifestyle and eating habits. Hundreds of knee replacements and hip replacements are performed each year in India. And those numbers are on the rise in the old and young generations both. But some orthopedic surgeries are preventable. You can take care of your bone health on your own. Making a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you avoid orthopedic problems. Here we are sharing some orthopedic health tips.

Activities are essential

Exercise is a healthy way to have a direct effect on muscle strength, joint flexibility, and bone density. Exercising benefits bones at every age It is an important component in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Avoid exercises that put too much stress on your joints, like deep knee bends. Yoga and Pilates are two good kinds of exercise to strengthen your core and promote orthopedic health.

Maintain body mass

This is proved that maintaining a healthy body weight can lessen the effects of osteoarthritis and prevent injuries.  Every 10 lbs. of increased weight increases 36% the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Fat also puts more weight on your joints, which can weaken muscles and make injuries more likely.

Comfortable footwear

Comfortable and Supportive shoes promote proper alignment to your body. Women who wear high heels regularly increase their risk of developing back pain and knee pain. Athletes must properly protect their joints by wearing the right equipment and exercising in ways that promote joint health.

Maintain flexibility

To maintain flexibility stretching is important, this improves bone performance and decreases stress injuries like sprains and strains. Do warm-up and stretching exercises before and after exercise. This promotes increased flexibility and helps prevent muscle and joint injuries. Even include walking, swimming, and biking on level ground.

Adequate nutrition

An imbalance between exercise and nutrition leads to the weakening of bone health and results in bone stress injuries and early osteoporosis. Adequate nutrition, adequate calcium, hormones, and vitamin D are essential throughout life to improve bone health. These play an important role in maintaining bone health.

Get regular checkups

Early recognition and treatment and other stress fracture risk factors are important to prevent long-term problems related to bone health. Annual visits to your orthopedic doctor or at Best Orthopedic Hospital in Gurgaon, are one great way to stay on top of your orthopedic health. This is especially important for older adults, who can be more likely to develop arthritis and suffer injuries. Primary care can discuss additional preventive measures to protect your orthopedic and overall health.

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