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Plastic Surgery


The term Plastic Surgery is the art of modeling or sculpting. Plastic surgery involves restoration, reconstruction, and alteration.  In simple language Plastic surgery is a procedure to improve one’s physical appearance and other flaws in one’s body. The surgery corrects the body defects caused due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, diseases, and sometimes for cosmetic reasons also.

The surgery not only benefits your physical appearance but also improves your health as well. The improvement in the appearance of a person leads to a boost in confidence level. Plastic surgery can improve breathing issues, vision problems, neck and back pain. It enhances mental health. Plastic surgery helps in removing excess skin and fat. That forms a well-toned body.

Plastic surgeries are of different types, like, facelift, nose job, eyelid surgery, breast surgery, tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, and more. Every treatment comes with various benefits. You can get rid of aging signs. Plastic surgeries, like, facelift and eyelid surgery can treat certain aging signs, like, loose and sagging facial skin and more. To achieve a perfect body shape; abdominoplasty is the best option for you.

To maintain the result of plastic surgeries like liposuction, tummy tuck, etc.  It is crucial to carry out regular exercises and to have a balanced diet. This leads the person to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


At Mayom hospital Best hospital in Gurgaon Haryana, we do plastic surgery procedures, starts with general anesthesia so you won't feel any pain during surgery. After any surgical procedure, some discomfort is normal. Generally, the pain after an operation is mild and we can easily control it with pain medication. Skin specialist in Gurgaon says ‘We perform minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Fillers, laser, and energy device procedures are exceedingly safe and have essentially no risk of serious adverse’.

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