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Prognathism: A Dental Ailment


You have seen in some people that their upper or lower jaw comes out, which means it is not in the proper shape as in normal conditions. This condition is recognized as prognathism in medical terms. There are several different types of prognathism:

  1. Mandibular prognathism: lower jaw protrudes
  2. Maxillary prognathism:  upper jaw protrudes
  3. Bimaxillary prognathism: both lower and upper jaws stick out

Problems with prognathism

People with Prognathism can face an overbite or underbite depending on which jaw is affected. Moderate to severe prognathism can cause long-term problems with speech, such as the development of a noticeable lisp or the inability to pronounce certain words properly. Prognathism can disrupt the growth of permanent teeth at an improper angle. Prognathism affects individuals of all ages.

Causes of prognathism

Prognathism is caused by a variety of factors. These include:

  1. Hereditary factors, history of protruding or abnormal jaws
  2. A genetic disorder, Crouzon Syndrome or Down syndrome
  3. Growth hormone disorders

Treatment planning

Prognathism may be a sign of an underlying medical condition, if you have prognathism because of any medical condition, your orthodontist might recommend other treatments to manage that condition.

In the majority of prognathism cases, orthodontic intervention is necessary to correct any problems associated with crooked or slanted teeth. Visit a dental care provider if you suspect that your jaw is protruding and you have difficulty talking, biting, or chewing. You may need surgery or to wear braces before and after surgery to encourage your teeth to move into new positions.

Before starting your medical treatment, the orthodontist may perform some tests to determine the severity of the condition more accurately. You may need to perform one or more of these tests:

  1. X-rays of the entire skull
  2. Panoramic dental x-rays
  3. Bite imprints for the construction of a mold

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