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Some Amazing Facts of Ears


Kuch Suna Tumne! YES, we are talking about EARS. Our ear is an important organ of our body.  This is the one in all 5 sensory organs. The ear is made up of three main parts: an outer ear, a middle ear, and an inner ear.

We can hear and understand others through our ears. Can you imagine a zero sound space? How horrible is that when someone is speaking and you are on zero ground of hearing?

 We think our ears only work for hearing. Generally, people underestimate the power of the ears. They do not give special focus to the ears. People think that ears are used only for hearing but there is much more about the ears that you don’t know.  So, now be ready to read some amazing facts about ears in this blog session.

Why are there two ears?

  • With both ears, we can find out from which direction the sound is coming. Our brain catches the sound coming from both ears and compares them to find out the direction.

  • The ear is one of the most wonderful organs in our body. It can pick up the tiny tick of a watch, waves of air, the slightest vibration one moment, and the roar of an explosion the next.
  • Our inner ear called the vestibular system keeps us balanced. our inner ear sends signals to the brain, allowing us to slightly bounce and jump, run, walk, sit, or any movement of the body without losing balance.  it helps you to align yourself and keep your balance
  • The shape of the external part of the ear called the pinna is unique to an individual. The outer ear may prove to be one of the most accurate ways to identify people. A biometric authentication system can unlock a smartphone by scanning the user's ear.
  • When you’re born your ear is fully formed while the other organs increase the size. The lobe increases a little, but overall it stays the same.
  • Your left and right ears are attuned to different sounds. The right ear excels at speech and the left ear at music and tones.
  • Earwax is also an important substance of the ears. Cleaning of the ears is an essential function of earwax. Its role is to protect the auditory canal. Earwax is a protective element on the body like nose hairs or tears. Ear wax is an important part of preventing infection in the ear.

Our ears are important as other organs. Contact to Best ENT Specialist if you have any concerns for your ear. A delay in treatment may be resulting in hearing loss.

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