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Vertigo and its Causes


Medical expert says, ‘Vertigo is a symptom, not a disease’. Vertigo is a very normal balance disorder. It causes dizziness and weakness. The inner ear maintains the balance of the body or it is the body’s center of balance. Whenever it gets imbalanced, it can cause some confusing signals to be sent to the brain which can result in a spinning sensation. This is known as VERTIGO.

Many people feeling like the room is rotating. It might cause you to feel like you're tilted, rocking, unbalanced, or unsteady. Sometimes, the patient can feel unpleasant sensations while standing up, walking, or moving head around. It can be very irritating and frustrating for the patient. Sometimes the attack of vertigo is so sudden that the patient can't see anything properly and fall down. Vertigo can begin when a person goes to some height.

Following are the major cause of Vertigo:

  • The problem in the brain and ear imbalance causes benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. It creates the unusual sensation of movement even when you are motionless.
  • Lower blood pressure can cause vertigo. As the flow of blood to the brain reduces, you may feel an unusual sensation which is the main symptom of vertigo.
  • Migraine is another major cause of vertigo. Migraine causes serious headaches which cause vertigo.
  • Ear Infection causes the most serious type of vertigo and if left untreated it may lead to hearing loss. Irritation within the ears causes imbalance thus giving birth to vertigo.
  • Neck injury and head injury may also cause vertigo. But it gets healed with time as the injury cure.

The above symptoms may be alternating or continuous and may last for a few minutes or even for hours. Dr. Manish, the Vertigo Specialist in Gurgaon says ‘there have been cases and incidences in which vertigo attacks have lasted from once to twice to thrice a week. If not taken care of vertigo, the attacks might repeat’. Go see an ENT doctor at Best ent hospital in Gurgaon and get a real workup and a real answer. Symptoms that have listed have a different treatment.

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