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What is a High Risk Pregnancy?


High-Risk Pregnancy means that there are some complicated problems related to your pregnancy that can prove to be very harmful to the baby. You need to take more care of yourself for a healthy pregnancy so that both the pregnant woman and the baby are safe. There are many health problems in high-risk pregnancy that negatively affect your pregnancy.

 Such women have differentiated as high-risk pregnancy (HRP) if they have :
•    Overweight 
•    Suffer from anemia
•    Had multiple miscarriages 
•    Suffer from high blood pressure, tuberculosis, jaundice 
•    Gestational diabetes, HIV, and pre-eclampsia
•    Delivered from the operation before

According to experts at Mayom Hospital Pregnancy hospital in Haryana, the changing lifestyle and increasing pollution are enough to trouble normal pregnancy. This has a negative effect on both the pregnant woman and the unborn child (fetus).

Dr. Arti from Top maternity hospital in Gurgaon says Women need to take a lot of precautions during pregnancy. Due to negligence, they are vulnerable to high-risk pregnancies. Most women have fear during pregnancy. Special care is taken from the pregnant woman right from the beginning but, sometimes the chances of risk in pregnancy increase. If a pregnant woman pays attention during pregnancy, then there will be no problem in pregnancy. 

It is a suggestion that the pregnant woman and spouse should contact the doctor as soon as they become aware of the pregnancy and follow the advice. So that the possibility of high-risk pregnancy can be reduced. 

Most doctors also provide advice on pre-conception care. Also, it will be a good decision to visit your gynecologist and do your general examination before conception. Apart from this, even a small problem during pregnancy should not be ignored. If there are any problems, a doctor should be contacted immediately. This will be beneficial for the health of both mother and child.

Follow the simple tips to save pregnant women from High-Risk pregnancy:
•    Regular tests should be conducted under the supervision of a doctor.
•    Greens vegetables and fruits should be consumed in plenty.
•    You should remain active.
•    On the advice of the doctor, you should continue to do light exercise.

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