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When the new normal begins after the lockdown: Safety precautions need to follow


As we all are taking a step in a new term when the lockdown is getting over at a slow pace & life is returning to normal, slowly & steadily, therefore, don’t roam like a free bird outside your nest, we must be aware that all safety precautions must be followed in every possible way & must be used in the pervasive strategy of measures to stifle transmission and save lives.


Safety measure needs to be followed after covid-19 in several places 


 Guidance for public transport

  • According to the action plan released by the Indian government, two approaches are suggested by the Centre for Road Research Institute (CRRI) which are as follow:
  • Decrease demand and boost capacity by putting in place measures such as pre-booking seats for buses & trains, paying the bill online, or alternate scheduling for offices.
  • Reduce the number of commuters on every bus or metro coach, and maintain separate gates for boarding and alighting.


Before a visit to hospitals keep an eye on few precaution tips

  • As you enter and leave the room of the person you are visiting, you must sanitize & wash your hands to prevent spreading germs. To protect hospital staff and other patients from certain contagious illnesses who are under isolation precautions, make sure that you follow the given rules posted in the room for these patients.
  • Don't bring the children to the hospital unless it's necessary since their low immunity will make them more vulnerable to infection.


After lockdown safety measures to make a safe workplace

  • You can greet your colleagues by saying 'Namaste' instead of shaking their hands or hugging them. In this way, the spread of infection will be minimized.
  • The human resource department should provide additional resources to answer your staff's questions about what they should do if they become ill or are exposed to someone who is sick. 
  • Encourage employee hygiene by making tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectant wipes readily available to all employees.


The government has reopened the public places, organizations, transport, etc. now it’s our responsibility to take precaution & give a contribution in this battle our whole team of MAYOM HOSPITAL, Gurugram is ready to help in every possible aspect, for more information you can contact our expert team on our website or visit on given location in Gurugram.

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